Promotor John Mayer akan menambah persediaan tiket. Habisnya tiket Konser John Mayer World Tour dalam hitungan menit membuat para fans sedikit mengeluh karena tidak kedapatan tiket. But no need to worry, menanggapi keinginan para fans promotor akan menambah persediaan tiket.


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Congratulations! to all the fans that were successful in purchasing tickets to the John Mayer World Tour 2019 concert in Jakarta. We had an overwhelming response, and due to the limited seating capacity, only a certain amount of tickets could be sold. So we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced in buying the tickets. We know that there are many disappointed fans out there. So due to the popular demand, we are currently working to slightly increase the capacity which will allow us to sell more tickets soon. Please stay tuned. We would also like to remind all those who have purchased tickets that tickets are only valid if you purchased them through our official ticketing platforms Bukalapak or Mcash. We also want to remind you that you will need your ID during redemption. Tickets purchased through any other channel are not valid. Thank you to everyone that have supported us and continue to do so. ____________ #johnmayerjakarta #johnmayer #temgmt #dmeasia

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Promotor juga mengingatkan untuk membeli tiket melalui platform Bukalapak atau Mcash karena tiket yang dibeli platform lain tidak akan sah. Make sure to follow @temgmt on Instagram for the latest update