Prince Husein, penyanyi bergenre R&B Alternatives, mengeluarkan single terbarunya yang berjudul “Skywalker”, Dalam single terbarunya, Prince Husein sempat menjelaskan bahwa  lagu ini adalah kepercayaan dia bahwa “Love is a powerful thing” karena bisa membawa kedalam sakit hati, depresi, menuju kearah yang gelap. Yang akan tetapi jika dibawa ditangan yang benar maka hasilnya akan menjadi hal yang luar biasa. Yang artinya “Skywalker“adalah perasaan dari kepuasaan dalam menemukan cinta sejati yang membuat orang untuk melakukan hal yang mustahil.

Ingin mengenal Prince Husein lebih dalam, USSFEED melakukan interview singkat dengan Prince Husein. Here’ s our little conversation.

Why do you want to dive in Music Industry? What drives you to become a musician?

I think i’ve always been in that environment where sounds are generated 24/7. My old man is a musician, he owns a pub when i was young, plus my two sisters are singers. Our dad was always pushing us into that direction from the start. So i think it’s in the blood and more about what i am familiar and love to begin with, hence it’s what i am now and will ever be.

What is the Hidden message that you bring to Skywalker Song?

It’s called “Skywalker“. no matter how cringy this will sound, i believe that love is a powerful thing, cause it can send you to a dark path, heartbreak, depression, etc. But if its held by the right hands, the right person, it can make you feel extraordinary, it can make a person be a better version of themselves. So essentially, “Skywalker” is a feeling of satisfaction on finally finding true love that makes the person feels as if they can do the impossible without a doubt on sight, hence the name “Skywalker“, a figurative definition of a person who can walk in the skies, which is, again, impossible, but they feel like they can do anything because that person receives support and compassion that they actually need. A story about how two people finding each other and being nurtured from one another. A song about how love can break barriers, a salvation from the never ending obstacles in day to day life. I really believe that love can change the world, one person at a time.

Have you planned to release a new album this year? If yes, what will you bring to this album?

If everything goes well, yes. I think the album will be more about a form of statement, cause this whole time is all about collaborating with another artist and no one ever actually knew what my sounds are like if i am doing it alone. I am truly grateful for my collaborators, because in a way they help me a lot in terms of my endeavour in this industry, and i’ll never take that for granted, but i think being honest with myself is also important, so i am just trying to show who i am in from personal place and give the people a taste of what i can offer.

Why do you choose R&B Alternatives as your genre of music?

To be honest i don’t know how i end up in this genre, cause i’ve been transitioning from a bunch of genres since i started. I started out doing rock, metal, post hardcore, pop jazz, and i am finally here. So i think RnB is where i am most comfortable at.

Is there any message that you want to say for USSFEED?

Thank you so much for the support, you guys are so fun and awesome, much love from me, always. Keep doing what you guys do, keep being one of the most reliable and significant news and entertainment source, and keep cultivating the culture.