Vincent Fenton atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama panggung French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) baru saja merilis single yang berjudul ‘Leave My Home‘. Lagu ini kurang lebih menceritakan bagaimana FKJ harus meninggalkan rumahnya karena harus melakukan rangkaian international tour.

FKJ kedengaran sedikit homesic dilihat dari liriknya “I’d go to something beautiful. I’m leaving this behind, oh. And I’m sure gon’ miss my bros.”

I made this one in Paris which was my home at the time. It was a few weeks before I was about to leave for another country, far away in the tropics. I lived in Paris for over 6 years. That’s the city where it all started for me. I love this city, I just needed a change. I was suffocating and wanted to step back, everything goes so fast over there.” saat Multi-instrumentalist ini di-interview oleh CLASH Music.

Go listen to FKJ new single above.