Alex O Connor better known by his stage name Rex Orange County bring new single called New House. Rex Orange County musisi asal britania ini telah mengeluarkan single pertamanya di tahun 2019 berjudul New House. Dalam single terbaru dari Rex Orange County juga ingin menyampaikan pesan di hari Valentine kemarin.

“I want to say thank you to everyone that is here for me now and to those who are still here from before,” Rex Orange County shared via an official statement posted to social media. “Life is weird and it seems like everyone has a difficult time in one way or another. The greatest things always seem to come with a level of confusion that makes it easy to question whether anything matters … with that being said, I must confirm that I still love doing this and that i’m beyond grateful for all the support I’ve been shown … Life is good. I’m happier today than I was for the majority of last year. Thea is my valentine … and whether you’re in love today or not, this one is for you, from me … Happy Valentines.”

Thea dan Rex Orange County sempat berpacaran pada tahun 2017 pada postingan Twitter Rex Orange County.

 Check his song down below